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Feline fresh was created so families could finally feel comfortable with someone handling their feline family member’s grooming needs. We have worked hard to ensure that feline fresh was centered around building a positive grooming experience for both the cat and the owner. One way we provide this positive experience is through being a feline exclusive salon. That means you no longer have to worry about your cat being groomed in an environment that is filled with all the noises and smells that come along with having other animals in the space.


Another way we provide this positive experience is through one on one fear free grooming. This is to ensure a trusting and caring relationship is built between the cat and groomer. Our goal is always to provide the services that best fit each cat’s needs and help educate owners on how they can help meet these needs. We will always communicate with our clients what that may look like and do our best to meet their requests. The grooming experience itself may not look the same for every cat, nor should it. Each groom is performed based on that individual cat’s needs. 

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