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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

How often should my cat be groomed?

We suggest cats get groomed every 4-8 weeks, depending on the cats typical condition and grooming needs. 


Do cats enjoy baths?

In our experience, most cats don’t seem to mind. We take the bathing process at each individual cats own pace to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. Some cats love bathing so much it is more difficult to get them out of the bath than in.

Can you groom my cat if he/she may be aggressive?

At Feline Fresh we use our knowledge, handling techniques, and tools to our advantage. We have groomed several difficult/aggressive cats and each has their own processes that we’ve found works best for them to meet their grooming needs while still keeping the cat and groomers safe.

What vaccinations are required? 

All we require is proof of an up to date rabies shot for the health and safety of your cat and our groomers.

Will you groom my cat if it has fleas?

We are proud to offer a flea free environment at Feline Fresh. If fleas are found on your pet during their appointment, the grooming process will be stopped and they will need to be picked up immediately. The full cost of the appointment will be due regardless of the degree of completion which was reached. An additional $50 environmental cleaning fee will also be added. In order to avoid this situation, we strongly suggest keeping your pet on the year round flea treatment recommended by your veterinarian, 

Do you bathe cats during a groom?

Any full groom includes a bath, there is no way to fulfill a cats grooming needs without one. Cats are naturally very greasy animals. You’ll constantly find them licking themselves and climbing into tight spaces. This leaves them covered in dried saliva, dust, and grease. Providing them with baths regularly helps eliminate these things.

Can grooming help with shedding? 

Yes! Keeping your cat on a regular grooming schedule will help get the majority of the loose hair out all at once during the groom so you’ll see less shedding in between grooms. 

Do I need to have my cats nails trimmed regularly? 

Yes! Your cat's nails should be trimmed regularly, if not it is very possible their nails could grow into their paw pads which can be very painful and cause many issues including infections and mobility troubles for your cat. 

What types of payments do you accept? 

We are currently accepting Venmo, Apple Pay, and Cash Payments for our services.

What’s included in a full groom? 

Basic Full grooms for long or short haired cats include a bath, blow dry, brush out/Deshed, nail trim, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. Lion cuts and comb cuts also receive everything previously listed in addition to the lion cut or comb cut.

Can grooming help prevent hairballs? 

Yes! Hairballs are caused by the cat ingesting loose hairs when licking themselves. A full groom could potentially eliminate or significantly reduce hairballs by getting rid of the loose hairs in their coat.

How long will it take for my cat to be groomed? 

- Basic full grooms - 2 hours
- Lion cut or comb cut - 3 to 4 hours 
- Nails, ears, or teeth - 15 min

What types of payments do you accept? 

We are currently accepting Venmo, Apple Pay, and Cash Payments for our services.

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